Feature Suggestion: Entering Extern CC# instead of MIDI Learn

Sometimes I have a whole bunch of tracks that all respond to the same external CC to modulate a Pyramid effect. (Okay, in my implementation, it’s almost all my tracks)

I’ve admittedly never been a fan of “MIDI Learn”, because I generally use certain CC#s for certain things - standardised across my system. Like, CC#7 is Volume for everyone, and in my studio I’ll designate CC#40 to modulate in prep for a breakdown…and anything that has to modulate for a breakdown will respond accordingly to CC#40 if it is to modulate (perhaps Track 8 responds as an increase in Chance, another track may affect MIDI LFO, and yet another track will increase values on MIDI Delay. Just an example - the rabbit hole goes MUCH deeper.)

But at the end of it all, for each track that wants to respond to CC#40, I have to MIDI Learn it for each Track.
Hey, just a suggestion. :slight_smile: