Feature request: Visualise cued sequence

I have just begun to use changing sequence live, using the Seq page and the 1-8 buttons. This works fine, but I find the lack of visual feedback really odd. As in: You are on seq1 and you want to go to seq2, so you press 2 and wait for the change (according to setting). I all software that I know of, you would in this situation have some visual indication that you have chosen a new part/loop/sequence and something will happen soon. Some indication that you have cued something new.
On Hermod we have no indication at all, that you have pressed a button and thus cued a new sequence. I would like to add, that there is a free line on the Seq page display, that could be used for showing what seq is cued and perhaps even to make little count-down.
Actual suggestion would be for the bottom line to say: CUED: N(1-8), and then a countdown in beats going e.g. -8, -7, -6, -5, -4, etc.

To examplify why this would be helpful:
You are playing live. Say your loop is set to track 1 which is 8 bars of 4/4. You are on Seq1 and want to go to Seq2, so you press 2. Problem is, you think that maybe you didn’t press quite hard enough and you can not see if the press actually registered. Pressing 2 one more time, is a bad idea, because if the first press was good, then the second press will de-cue 2 (meaning, no change will happen). So you can only wait for the 8-bar loop to finish, and then you will know if your first button press was fine or not.

(I have sent this directly to Squarp also.)

The cued up sequence is blinking. However the blinking is very hard to see (no wonder you missed it), I would hope for a clearer indication…

Ha, that is interesting. :laughing:
And I have even made a modification of the 8 buttons, to get more light power.
Will see if I can spot it in a dark room.
However, I will really hope that we can get visual feedback on the free bottom line in the display. Even the display is small, it is at least viewable in daylight.

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