[Feature Request] Use CV output as an aditional ENV output

I have a use case where I’m not using the Gate nor the CV outputs but it would be very useful to have two separate ENV outputs.

It would be great if the CV (not the gate, that’s probably a digital 5V GPIO) could be configured to function as an aditional ENV output and be able to sequence it from the step mode just like the ENV output.

Please consider this :slight_smile:

Does legato not change your cv steps into a smooth envelope curve?

Yes, but that would use up the notes information in the track.

What I would like to achieve is to send midi notes (and other CC messages) through the midi output of a track AND two individual control curves via CV for the same track.

Right now I can do all of this but only send one control curve via the ENV output.

Similar to the “ASSIGN ENV OUT TO”, there could be a setting called “ASSIGN CV OUT TO” which would allow us to choose what gets sent to the CV analog output. One of the options for this setting would be similar to “MODULATION” (which is CC #1), but needs to be something else like “BREATH CONTROL” (which is MIDI CC #2).

Your suggestion is valuable as a workaround, though: I can have one track to control MIDI notes and ENV output and a second track to control the CV curve using legato.

Hey hey,

When you say channel, you mean Track (in Pyramid-speak) yes? Not trying to be pedantic just making sure I understand what you want to achieve:

You want MIDI notes and CCs for MIDI synths and 2 CV modulation lanes for modular gear all triggered/launched from the same Track on the Pyra?


Yes, I edited my comment.

So, I have a MIDI synth connected to an analog CV controlled filter. The filter has 2 parameters that are controllable via CV. It’d be great to have one track to control everything related to this instrument: the notes and CCs via MIDI and the 2 filter parameters via CV.

I’m going to try to say the same thing from a different perspective:

We have two analog outputs in the Pyramid: ENV and CV. For ENV, using the “ASSIGN ENV OUT TO” setting, we can pretty much do whatever we want with that output. On the other hand, we can only use the CV output for sending pitch information.

It would be very useful if we could use the CV output for outputing anything, just like the ENV output. See my suggestion about the “ASSIGN CV OUT TO” setting.

worth suggesting to Squarp via https://squarp.net/contact

I agree it would be nice to have a big more flexibly on the cv output generally.
I similarly don’t tend to cv for note output,
so it be nice to have gate be clock, and then 2 ‘general purpose’ cv outputs for modulation

but I suspect its unlikely to happen… basically CV has been setup as an output target (like USB ch1)
what we are kind of asking for here, is the ability to send CV out, almost regardless of the output target.(i.e. midi + arbitrary cv)

I guess it could work, as you can set both CV + MIDI , and then it just happens to be not bothering sending out notes/gates on cv (because they are used for something else) - but its kind of an ‘odd perspective’

also I think for this to work, both “ASSIGN ENV OUT TO” and " ASSIGN CV OUT TO" , would have to support CC… since the current list is not that useful if you are also outputting midi.
it be much more useful if you could assign ENV/CV out to a CC that you were not using for other purposes.

(at this stage of development, Squarp will not add new ‘automation lanes’ explicitly for CV)

I get it.

But why do they all have to be in the same track? If you have your midi notes and CCs in one track and your CV modulation lanes in another you don’t have to worry about muting and unmuting the two tracks simultaneously since only one will be triggering notes/sounds. The CV modulation would be inaudible and can run away in the background constantly (so long as it is running concurrently with your notes track)

So in a unique CV track, you have your step notes with legato set to go out the CV out to mod your first filter parameter you could then use the CC01 modulation lane assigned to ENV out to control the other parameter.

But yeah. Would be useful to have more flexible outputs and assignments.


Thanks for your input! I just sent a message to squarp/contact.

This sums it up nicely.

No need for a new automation lane, a CC automation lane can be re-used for CV output (maybe CC#2, just like CC#1 is re-used for ENV output.