Feature request: solo and increment section with footswitch :)

Hi all!!!
Just received my hapax… what a wouderful gear!!!
It would be nive to have some solo possibilities (track, pattern…).

And with the footswitch, it could be cool to increment section selection with footswitch…



the footswitch section definitely needs an upgrade

i agree i miss the solo very much

Coming from the Elektron world, the 2nd+Track to mute just feels so clunky. I’m used to being able to just rip my finger across tracks to mute multiple tracks to quasi-solo. Would definitely appreciate a way to quick solo

Elektron buttons are not that grippy and quite a light touch.
I think with the pressure required and friction caused by the rubber, it would likely not work that well on the hapax… you might be able to do it, but it be inaccurate.
(also id be concern it might wear the labelling off in the long term, again due to friction)

anyway, send ideas you have off to Squarp via the contact form, as this is where all feature requests should be targeted.