Feature Request: Oscillator Tuning

I love the hermod, it has been a lot of fun over the past few weeks working with it. I think it would be really helpful to include a tuner for the inputs. Either something like in silentway or bitwig that can track the pitch of an oscillator while saving the pitch offset, or to have a pitch detecting tuner feature for the inputs in the hermod.

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That sounds like an exciting suggestion.

For best results, be sure to let the Squarp team know with a Feature Suggestion msg via their Contact Page at squarp.net/contact

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Thank you, I sent them a request after I posted this. I didnt see the recommendations to do that until afterwards.


I’d suspect hermod is not running audio rate code, and would be a major overall to make it do so.


I can confirm @thetechnobear’s suspicions.

I’ll say here what I told @c3400 over email:

I’m afraid that would be too demanding, on top of all the rest Hermod has to deal with.


It would be really cool if it could work, but it absolutely does not make it any less awesome without it.

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