Feature Request: Euclidean scale mode

Would it be possible to have Euclidean mode map to difference scale types? Perhaps scales can ramp up or down two octaves (number of notes), and allow for different combinations (order of notes) of scale notes within the key; and of course random function. That would be AWESOME!!

Like euclidean arps? If you feed your master transpose track into your euclidean track your euclidean track will sound whatever notes it is presented with whenever you have a step. Same as it would if you play a chord or a note in live mode into your euclidean track.

So you could programme a held chord as a scale in the master transpose track and then put an arp FX after that to run up/down or randomise the scale on each euclidean step.

Only problem is, the scale will only play as long as the euclidean step is held. You could try putting the random fx before the scale with a really high + length value to lengthen the Euclidean step but it might come out too random to get anything sensible/consistent. But then if you like it random then perhaps that not going to put you off.

Guess you could try adjusting the time signature of the euclidean track so that each 16th note gets stretched out to a bar or more vs. your other tracks running in x/4 or x:4 time.