[Feature Request] Duplicate and Delete sequences with all patterns inside

This feature will improve significantly the speed of work (like the Op-z does)

Its frustrating coming from new sequencers like OP-Z or eleketron machines how slow is the workflow with patterns enabled.

  1. Duplicate a sequence and duplicate all patterns inside
  2. Delete a sequence and delete all patterns inside

Workflow example:

  1. Create new sequence and add some note to patterns
  2. Duplicate sequence and modify patterns, change mute states inside
  3. If i don’t like the last sequence i just can delete it and all patterns inside and start again
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agreed that the ability to Copy/Paste/Delete Sequences generally in the same way that Steps, Patterns, or Tracks are would be pretty handy

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I think I like this idea, but as a user I’m concerned about a couple things:

  • A ‘sequence’ dos not actually have patterns inside on the Pyramid. I think of it as “pointing to” Patterns that reside in Tracks in addition to documenting Mute states on the 64 Tracks.
  • A pattern can be used in any number of Sequences, so if your requested feature were implemented, what do you think the priority should be? Delete the MIDI data in a Pattern irrespective of its connection to other Sequences or test to see if the Pattern is used elsewhere? (I’m assuming the latter, or even if there’s a switch in Settings perhaps)

Pyramid is a mature product, and there might not be much more room for more code. However, Feature Requests should be submitted via the squarp.net/contact page.

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Hi, sorry for bad my English,
I mean patterns pointing inside a track. Basically just duplicate everything inside so the logic to delete duplicated sequence will be easy. Maybe this fast sketch may help to understand what i mean.

I think it should have a condition as you said, only delete the pattern if is not used in other sequence. If it is used in other sequences just remove it from the sequence your apply “delete duplicated”

A Setting in the menu will be awesome!!!

Sandy Feature request are closed :frowning:

Thank you for the explanation and graphic.
Since you noted Feature Requests are closed, then it would seem “mature” product may need another descriptive before we approach “retired”. This makes me sad, but is expected.


Let’s create a feature request for not closing feature requests :sweat_smile:

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That’s a good idea.
I had requested they add an track/pattern/sequence exchange feature to speed up work flow when switching stuff around. Squarp replied that it was a good idea but now it might not happen.
Come Squarp make it that feature should been add.

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Maybe the easiest way to program this would be a setting to link patterns to sequences its almost the same.

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