Feature request : " drum view" to control multiple tracks at once

Hi, I was really happy to see the new drum mode that allows me to see mutliple sstep sequences at once but I think it’s very limitating to use it only with 1 track, with just different notes, I’d like to use it on 8 tracks instead ( like in maschine for example)
To me that should not be only a track mode but more a view mode where we could not see the notes in seq mode but just the gates,and 8 tracks at once ( maybe using shift + seq ?)
It would be far more useable when used with “complex drum machines” like elektron stuff where you want to have a better control over each track ( I hate to merge my eletron tracks to just one) , and it would allow to “build” some drum kits out of various machines.
Maybe then in live view with shift + live it would be possible to toggle different views :

  • classic guitar fret as we see
  • drum ( velocity) with 8 tracks
  • 16 notes on 8 tracks
  • velocity and notes split screen ?
  • splitted keyboard fret with 2 or 4 tracks…
  • current midi monitor
  • well thats too many I know… but throwing some ideas

any Hapax track can be a drum track, with the assignable 8 voices, if you choose to make it one. in theory up to 16 per project

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Well that’s not what I mean.
What I want to see is 8 tracks ( with different synth outputs like midi port and midi channel ) instead of 8 different notes ( frome same port and channel) on a " drum view" like you can view for ex with a maschine jam

For ex :
Top lane track 1 firing a bass synth on midi A
Second lane track 2 firing a kick on midi B
third lane is firing a snare on cv / gate
and what I want to see is all the 8 trig sequences in one view


i think everyone would enjoy more tracks/patterns in general, most of us coming to Hapax from Pyramid’s 64. not sure that’s how Squarp has envisioned this workflow but who knows what the future holds. even Pryamid didn’t have Patterns in its first iteration.


Not sure if this helps solve your issue, but you can enable separate MIDI channels for each drum lane in Hapax. Look at the manual “Drum Lane MIDI Routing”. “To change the midi note & channel output of a lane, Hold a row to select the lane, then rotate encoders ① and ②”

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I just thought of the same thing the other day and sent in my request.

I may be wrong here, but it sounds like the multitrack mode on the Oxi One

yes I discovered that yesterday !
thx for the input
that solves a good part of my need, I just need to stick with 1 midi port and not sequence notes