[feature request] delay time improvement & free lfo

I’m the new owner of a pyramid, happy to discover it !
In my first tour of the features, i noticed two things that i feel are quite limiting.

First, i’m very surprised that the delay times are always synchronised.
A free mode would be great !
Also, even in the actual sync mode, it is quite limited as 1/4 is the longuest delay, wich i found pretty short to make bouncing rythmic effects, not ratchet or slapback kind of delays… I love very long delays i admit :slight_smile:

Also, the LFO is always synchronised aswell.
A free mode with much broader min and max speed would expand a lot its use !

Hope this could appear some day, it’s not like a new features, more a larger/more free scale of the one existing.

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Those are some interesting suggestions.
Best place to post those is directly to Squarp via their Contact page at squarp.net/contact

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Pyramid!

Ah ok thanks !

Agreed on all points! I ran into the 1/4 note arp limitation today as well where I wanted the notes to be longer

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