Extra piece, normal?

Hi all! I decided to give the Hermod another try during this quarantine.
I just recieved a new Hermod (black) in the mail today from perfect circuit, and when I pulled the module out, there was this extra piece in the box. I’m trying to figure out whether it fell out of the module, is an extra piece accidentally tossed in the box, or if it’s standard. The module itself seems to be functioning normal aside from occasionally getting stuck on one of the top row buttons.

Yikes! That looks like a surface mount electrolytic capacitor. I assume it’s small, like 1/4-inch or so in diameter. It seems pretty likely that it didn’t get soldered on to the cicuit board properly and fell off. Take a look at this image of the Hermod board:


There are several of these types of parts on the board. There’s one along the bottom edge just to the right of center, another on the right hand edge just below center, and a cluster of 4 near the top to the right of center. Check your board to see if all of those are in place. There may be more on the other side of the board, but I couldn’t find a picture of the other side. If one is missing, contact Perfect Circuit about getting your Hermod replaced.


:frowning: oh man. yep the one to the right just below the micro sd card isn’t attached. I’ll reach out to perfect circuit.

Thank you for the speedy help!