External MIDI/Live Mode/Roland SE02 recording problem

I have a Keystep going into my Pyramid (MIDI A), which is sequencing a Volca Beats(MIDI A), Peak(MIDI A), and an SE02(MIDI A). Everything has been working hunky dory. I have the vBeats on 6 Euclidean sequences on 6 separate tracks (TR09A-14A and TR09B-12B), and I have the SE02 on a Euclidean Sequence as well (TR04A, TR04B). The Peak has a melody recorded in live mode(TR03A/B). I’m trying to record a separate melody with the SE02 on TR05A (or TR05B, neither are working). Both TR04A/B are muted while doing this. When I’m on TR05A, I go to live mode, press the Record button, press play, it counts in, and as soon as I hit my note, TR04A activates and things go crazy and it won’t record the notes I want on TR05A. It doesn’t matter if I do a Hard Record from start or the sequence is already playing and I hit record. It doesn’t do this if I use the buttons on the Pyramid, only when recording from the Keystep. I can’t figure out what’s going on unless I’m somehow overloading the Pyramid with MIDI info, which seems unlikely because it’s just sending notes. Am I using banks wrong or something?


Ok, so further investigation has shown that if I turn Multitrack A off and use Omnimode Ch 4 (MIDI channel assigned to SE02) I can record multiple tracks using the Keystep to input notes, but just for that one instrument. So, does this mean, that with Pyramid and an external controller, only one instrument can be recorded at a time, using Omnimode, without causing other tracks to trigger?

Essentially: I can record multiple tracks live of only one instrument?