External Keyboard Issues LIVE mode only

Sorry, i did look at other posts on this and at the manual. But…
With an external keyboard in STEP mode it works perfectly.
Not working at all in LIVE mode.
I have checked all of the parameters in MIDI in & out and the keyboard and the receiving synth.
One other thing, the little out and in MIDI messages being received on the screen, the little up and down arrows are not visible.
The External Keyboard Plays the synth.
The Pyramid Plays the synth.
The Pyramid sequencer in LIVE mode records the synth.
Only thing it won’t do is with the external keyboard in LIVE mode will not record the keystrokes, they play but do not record.

That sounds very strange indeed.
I’d start with the Manual, specifically the Settings → MIDI In and also → Misc
Plus it’d be a great place to start with Settings → Info → MIDI In Monitor

Also check:

  • Running the latest PyraOS
  • Test with a brand new Project
  • Test with minimum hardware attached, in this case I’d work only with the kybd & the Pyramid (don’t even need sound to test the In & Out)
  • Any other outboard MIDI generating devices that may be working/not working similarly (if applicable)
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