External controllers and Midi Out A/B

Is there any way of telling the Pyramid which output received cc’s on one channel pass through? For example I have a synth on channel 4 output a, and a ditto x4 on channel 4 output B, and I don’t want midi information from my Behringer Fcb that is used to control my ditto to also be sent to the synth on Output A. I plan to use the FCB to control the ditto as well as the Pyramidi functions of my pyramid.

I kinda had that issue with understanding omni mode. So when you send midi in on a channel the pyramid does not directly send it out to those midi channels, rather it sends the midi to the track associated with that channel. For example if you sent midi on channel 4 it would send it to track 4 regardless of your output settings on the track. (Which could be one or two of the outputs on the same channel.) So if you still wish to use the track 4 for both the ditto and synth, you could just set another track on a different input channel just set to the ditto. Then assign whichever cc controllers you want to that track cc settings with assign function. I don’t really have a way of testing this but ideally even if your controller is sending on midi channel 4 the assign should route it to the correct track. Maybe some of the other more experienced users might have a more direct way to do this but for me I use 4 of my input tracks for most of my stuff so I have quite a few extra tracks.