Extending 4/4 to 14/8: copy notes/merging track?

If I extend a 4/4 track to 2x7/8 is there any workaround to get the existing notes from first part into the second? Merging tracks, copy notes, whatever ; )

Do you not achieve the desired results if you just change the Signature of the Track?

No, if you extend a track with signature or track length notes will not be copied of course (4/4 to 14/8 was just an example).

Then I dont understand your original question. Sorry.

Do you want to Copy Note Events to a new Track, or double the length of a Track, or make the Note Events appear with new meter?

I could try to assist if you would be so kind as to rephrase your question, or perhaps someone brighter might come along to assist you.


ah, ok. I got a 4/4 Track with some notes and change the signature to 7/8 or whatever and double the length… now I want to duplicate the existing notes from the first 4/4 and place them on the 5th quarter (inside the same track, with 7/8 the last note will be ignored).
In order to avoid inserting them manually ; )
before: G|C|E|C
after: G|C|E|C|G|C|E



Uuh, RTFM yes. Thank you…