Experiences looping Pyramid MIDI OUT to MIDI IN for Control

Sorry, this is a long one. n00b ramblings from the theoretical side because I’m a big picture person

tl;dr - Other than a previous thread where people said they’ve ‘bricked’ their sequencer running the MIDI OUT to the MIDI IN (which confuses me - it’s just data, a reset should fix…? no? whut?), what are your experiences perhaps sending just a CC from the Pyramid MIDI Out back to the In? Things to watch for? Settings (that, because I’m a n00b) I might overlook? Should I, for best results, use a filter to remove all possible data except for CC69 values? (I can reconfigure my multi-timbral modules to only run off of MIDI OUT A and just use MIDI OUT B only for routing CC69 back to the MIDI IN)

The Long bits:
Assumption that I can only have one Sequence Chain per project (based on my lack of applying data from the Manual, lack of actual experience, which will come with time).

I have the Pyramid to construct a live set. Most of my Sequences are already constructed songs. I already know that in good time I’ll be creating on the Pyramid, but for right now, I have data that I want to perform without computer. I dont’ do EDM, so think ‘band, songs, usually a bit of time in between, change in Tempo, etc’. (Note: I imagine that if I start creating on the Pyramid, I can easily dump that MIDI data into a DAW to stick it together in most ways to consolidate longer phrases, dump it back to the Pyramid into a cohesive song - so the Pyramid does double duty in the creation/performance process)

I don’t want to have to [Load] a song between every piece.

Pyramid Sequences can be triggered via CC69.

I create one song that uses Sequences 1-7 and another that uses Sequences 17-25.

I have a “control” Track that only sends CC69 to trigger Sequences in their proper order to perform the first piece, basically chaining Sequences 1-7. Then either trigger a Dummy Track, or just [Mute]. Reset BPM for the next piece, and trigger the control Track that sends CC69 values to trigger Sequences 17-25 in their proper order for the second song.

I was already testing this using an external sequencer to send CC69 values to control Pyramid Sequences, but I’m not always sitting here with both sequencers.

When I wake up enough, I’m going to try this.
Would love to hear from anyone who has done this, tried this, failed at this, did something similar and bricked their Pyramid, etc.