Exercises in absurdity, or ... M-Audio Code controller

Yeah, it can be daunting, often because things move so fast and people don’t remember to update documentation.

To me it’s mostly about picking your battles. Open source is what pays my bills, but when you do that all day long, the last thing you want to do in the evenings is debug computer issues. Which is part of the reason I absolutely refuse to have general purpose computers in my setup. Zynthian is running a general purpose OS but it’s still special purpose hardware which makes it a bit different.

So here I have a situation where apparently no commercial box will do what I want in terms that are acceptable to me, and a open source hardware/software project that will at least enable me to add support if it doesn’t out of the box. And unlike a special purpose from-scratch Arduino hack, it comes in a nice casing and a powerful synth as a bonus. Which is surely a bit backwards way to look at that thing, but what the hey :smile:

And yeah, I’ll post updates in one form or another.