Euclidean and couple other questions

First and foremost, my praises to the team behind hapax. It is really well-thought piece of hardware, very logical.

Hope it will be improving and getting more and more feature-rich without losing that logical feel.

Now, onto questions
1)I have an empty drum track and 3 euclidean sequencers generating kick, snare and hats. All good. But how can i process it further? Like if i want to modulate pan, or volume, or make each second note ratchet? What should i do? Are there ways more elegant than rendering output to another channel via loopback? that would work, but i will lose realtime control of euclidean

2)Is there any way to save my drum mapping separately? I have 2 or 3 i use most often, and i would like to switch between them.

3)Is it a good idea to allow to unlink automation and track? Like, there could be lane linked to clip length, or not linked. If i want my volume to raise every bar in a four bar phrase, i will need to draw this only once

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  1. Depending on what your synth/drum machine supports you could use an LFO effect to control pan, volume etc.
    For ratchets on every nth note or advanced stuff you could try open a feature request using the squarp contact form. Maybe they’ll implemented something like this as a separate effect.
    I’d also like to see a better way than loopback to turn effects output into a normal track for further customisation. Again, a feature request is the way to go. I’m gonna do that as well.
    But of course there’s always going to be a compromise between easy control via effects vs deeply customised output. If you’ve got some free tracks left you could have one track with effects/auto-generated output and one where everything is rendered/loopback recorded. Then use the mute function.

  2. I’ve created multiple instrument definition files with my favourite drum mappings. Works pretty well like this. For example, for the TR-8S I’ve got four definitions: two for single track TR-8S usage with my most used sounds and two containing half of the TR-8S’ instruments each + trigger + a few alternate sounds. Using the latter takes two tracks on Hapax but sometimes I have to do this.

  3. Not sure what you mean. Lots of CC automation is very synth specific, so it won’t be easy to decouple. On the other hand, you can totally create a track that’s just for automation on the same midi port/channel as another track containing only notes. This automation track can have a different length.

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