Euclid midi fx demo plz

There are not many videos on this machine yet, but I’ve ordered mine…
Would anyone be able to make a demo video on the midi fx especially the Euclidean fx?
It’s not shown properly in a video yet only with drums

I hope to do way more videos. Slowly learning! Edit, just messed around with it. Very powerful , will play and explore tomorrow these functions on a live stream and later plan on making in depth tutorials once i understand it

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As someone that’s has owned a lot of Elektron gear I’m interested in these trig conditions
Can the conditions play per note of a melodic sequence??

In Step mode, Conditional Trig is a note-level parameter, according to the manual

Conditional trigs allow you to set a condition to a note to be played. Here are some examples :

  • 1:2 — note plays the 1st time, every 2 loops
  • 2:3 — note plays the 2nd time, every 3 loops
  • FILL — note plays if the fill button is pressed
  • /FILL — note plays if the fill button is released
  • PRE — note plays if last condition of track was valid
  • SYNC — note plays if added on 1st step of a beat
  • ON=0 — plays only if no other notes are played
  • LB<5 — plays if last beat played less than 5 notes

Yes, they’re note-level trig conditions, very much in the style of Elektron gear. One of the things I’ve been playing with is having one step in a sequence have 3 or 4 different notes and using trig conditions to have it play a different one of those notes each loop, which ends up being a nice way of creating variety within a pattern.


Nice conditional pitch for melodic seq !


related to applying other FX to the Euclid FX, is there anyway to automate varying the Rotation/Steps/Pulses of a given Euclid FX when applied to a Track? can definitely get some interesting grooves going, along with Randomize on the velocity/note length but staying locked into a single Rotation selection does mean a certain static-ness. would be great if Euclid parameters could be also Randomized, or have as a selectable destination for one of the LFOs perhaps?

Yes, in the mod Matrix, most if not all of the MIDI effects are destinations. I know for certain that Euclid parameters are destinations. It’s a great way to add variation, as you said.

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awesome. will check it out. thanks!

One of my favorite uses for the mod matrix so far is to use random CV in from my eurorack setup as a source for many destinations. The fact you can attenuvert the input in many ways makes one random source very useful for many different things.