Erratic Midi-Fxs encoders

Hello there,
I’m having this strange behavior on the encoders during the midi fx parameters change. They seems to change the value for a moment, following the encoder movement, and then suddenly get back to some “fixed” arbitrary value.

A video is worth thousands words

I’m gonna send Squarp a bug report, but meanwhile if someone had the same problem can maybe chime in with a workaround.


Looks like you might have effects automation going?

Go back to Step mode, and hold Step button and move the main encoder until you see “EFFECTS” written on the top right of the screen. Then let go of the Step button, and move the encoder again, and it’ll cycle through all the parameters for all the effects you have.

Find the one that’s causing trouble and press the Disp button, and you should see an automation line on there (and probably one of the pads on the bottom will be lit.

Press the lit pad and the screen should say “No Automation” (if it doesn’t, it means you have another section elsewhere in the sequence, remove those as well) and should go back to standard behaviour.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Loz, I’ll check it out!

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