Erratic behaviour of channel 3

I’ve got an odd behaviour of my Hermod firmware 1.71. I’ve recently started to use it in polyphonic mode, using channels 1 to 3. Sometimes everything works great, some other times the gate of channel 3 simply stops triggering… so for example I miss one note every three, or only the notes corresponding to channel 1 and 2 play in 3-note chords.

If I re-configure everything to use channels 5 to 7, for example, it works.

If it was a hardware problem with channel 3, it would always have the issue, right? And is there a faster way to do a factory reset than formatting the SD card?



the sdcard really doesn’t play a part in this… the firmware is ‘flashed’ onto the sdcard.

the sdcard is only used to load projects, store settings etc…
if you are concerned there might be some issue with that, simply try with another blank sdcard.
but i suspect it unlikely to affect anything.

you could ‘reflash’ the firmware - unlikely to do anything but you could try.
I guess you could try an older firmware, see if its a new issue.

if the issue was CV (not gate) then Id say try recalibrating, but bnot going to do anything with gates.

try testing channel 3 in a mono mode, does it have the same issue?
if its just in poly mode, sounds more like a firmware issue… (or some kind of usage issue)
if its doing it in mono mode, id (unfortunately) say its more likely hardware

when you say its stops triggering, does the LED flash as if its going to trigger? just you dont get a gate?
again, if LED flashes, then it sounds more like its a hardware issue… since it appears the firmware thinks its triggering.

if its hardware issue you should contact squarp via the contact form

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