Enter chords in Step mode from keyboard?

I watched the excellent video on Step mode showing how fast the Pyramid in step mode can set up complex percussion sequences.

But I did not get any insight into what the manual states is possible but does NOT give a step by step (pun intended) instruction how to do it.

I want to enter 2-4 note chords, in the inversion I choose, from the MIDI keyboard. step by step.

Not sure how to advance the CURRENT step to make this work, in Poly mode.

All clues appreciated in advance!
Thank you Squarp community of savants!

Perhaps one of the more expert users can chime in and correct me, but I do not believe the step mode can have the custom chords entered in to it via the step mode.

You can choose the step modes chord setting to choose from common chords… But I believe the best way to do what you want is to create your custom chords in Live mode, record your line… and then enter step mode and edit the timing or chord placement within step editing mode.

Thank you for the reply.
My hope to do this directly comes from this image capture from the Step section of the manual.
The part I am missing, is how to advance to the next step, after entering a chord on the MIDI keyboard:


I think the misunderstanding may be with the “advance to the next step” portion…

I’ll do my best to explain an example… say you have a four bar loop… it can be entered in through Live mode or step mode… You want to edit something that is in the 3rd bar of your clip… There really isn’t any “advancing” to another step… Either while the transport is running or not… In order to get to the 3rd bar you would press > twice in order to be on the 3rd bar of a 4 bar loop. You would then press DISP to see what is in that clip. In mono editing you are editing only the note shown in the display. In Poly editing mode if you press one of the note positions 1-16 you are editing all notes that live in that space. In order to see a note that lives on that button you might have to change the zoom level… But if you press the button that the chord or notes are on in Poly mode all those notes in the chord are removed or returned (I believe) with another press of that button… My understanding of custom chords leads me to believe that when you enter those custom chords in Live mode you will not actually be entering those chords, but the note that that is representing that chord in the custom chord mode.

So I’m not certain what you mean by “next step”, whether it’s the next “step” of the “Step Mode”, or the next logical thing you have to do in order to edit what you have already laid down…

My suggestion would be to enter a custom chord line in Live mode, then switch to “Step Mode”, then hit DISP and then press > to find what you are trying to edit… I hope this clarifies things and I hope I haven’t muddied the situation more.

There is no “current step” in Pyramid.
Hit a chord on a keyboard, and then use the pads to place it on one or more of the steps of the current view.

Edit: Oh and be sure to be in MONO edit mode while doing this to avoid going crazy. Poly/mono edit modes are terribly named for what they do, in my experience it’s overall best to stay in mono mode and only switch to poly temporarily when needed.


As @pmatilai says, the workflow of the pyramid is select/play note(s), place on grid. So there is no concept of moving to next/previous step.

(There is no step by step entry mode, as you may know on other sequencers, on the pyramid. )

A nice consequence of this, means you can quickly switch to live mode ( and back) to select chords including custom chords.

Yeah @pmatilai agreed with poly/mono mode it’s a little confusing, I tend to think of it the other way around - though I can understand what squarp ‘meant’ :slight_smile:

Yeah, names are hard, often the hardest part of a feature :sweat_smile:

I think a better word for what mono mode does would be “bulk edit” as opposed to “single edit” (although “single” isn’t that great either…)

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Thank you for the clarification!
Going to try this now.
So MONO mode is the way to do this, NOT Poly mode?
Who would have guessed? :rofl:

In step mode (mono editing mode) play any chord on MIDI keyboard, then press step to assign to!

In retrospect, understand why the manual does not state this explicitly: those with more patience for frustration and more experimental energy, discover this quickly by trying things.

It helps to get more and more familiar with the UI metaphors of the Pyramid and then intuition suggests a try et voila, it works!
Getting over the learning curve now, over the hump.

Thanks to all repliers!