Enquiry about pyramid



I’m looking for a sequencer that can do midi looping - which I know the pyramid can do - but I need to know to what extent?

Can I record several loop sequences at once?

Can I stop one (or more) of the sequences, while the others are still playing, delete it, and record a new one in its place, without stopping overall playback?

Are there live editing features, i.e. editing without stopping playback?

How many looped sequences can I have, and how many notes of polyphony can each sequence have?

Many thanks.
I may add to this post if I think of any more features I need.


Yes, all of those things are possible, but instead of acting so entitled, demanding that others take time out of their day to respond, why don’t you do what most folks with decent manners (or even common sense) do, and read the manual BEFORE you ask questions?

When you’ve found the answers you are looking for in the manual, you are also strongly advised to watch Loopop’s tutorial video, as it will answer many of your inevitably subsequent questions, as well as explaining how to accomplish your goals.

Rest assured, the Pyramid is not an MPC, it is designed from the ground up for live performance and creation. There are still a few little things that could do with improvement, but in general, once you learn its quirks, it makes pretty much perfect sense, it’s well implemented, and very quick to ge around in, which is what one needs for live performances.


I’m about to lay down £650 on something and I want make sure it’s definitely the right choice. So I’m asking on the manufacturer’s own forum. What’s entitled or demanding about that? It’s normal. It’s what this page is for.

Thanks for your reply anyway.


Yes, it’s normal. But what really normal is: first read, then ask.


You are asking for answers to your questions from people, without simply taking a look at the manual, or the tutorial video, both of which already have your answers in them. You are acting like you are entitled to others time and attention, without doing any legwork of your own, and in fact, you are not. That is what is entitled and demanding about that. That you don’t grasp that after its been explained VERY CLEARLY is NOT normal. And no, that’s not what this page is for, that is what the manual, and tutorial videos are for. This page is for lots of other things that are not as clearly explained, easily found, or even in current existence, which you would also realize if you just looked around a bit on your own.

So you’re about to lay down £650 on something, which pretty much all of us already have done. That means that you’re not special or entitled to anything beyond anyone else, and pretty much none of us are going to be on the receiving end of that £650 of yours, so why would any of us owe you an answer that you can’t find with less than five minutes of research on your own?


Would have been quicker just to answer my questions than to type out that pompous lecture


I agree that the grump was being a bit grumpy… but to be fair, you could’ve looked this info up in a matter of minutes instead of this silly back and forth…

the answer to all of your questions is “yes”

it can do all of those things and much more.

How many looped sequences can I have, and how many notes of polyphony can each sequence have?

A project can have 32 sequences, each sequence being comprised of up to 64 tracks, each track can hold 64 patterns. Pattern length can be 384 bars long. Each project is limited to 7000 midi events.


What was the FIRST thing I said??? “Yes, all of those things are possible…”. That IS your answer, but you got so caught up in being butthurt and entitled that you just ignored it. Quicker isn’t better when it comes to answers, much of the time. Stop trying to be right, or clever, you’re neither. The figures are right on the Pyramid page if you’d just scroll down, but that is far too much effort, right? It’s a sequencer, not a synth, so polyphony doesn’t really apply. The tracks do not have limits on polyphony beyond the midi standard itself.

Now go buy one or don’t, then READ THE FUCKING MANUAL. It’s not ~that~ hard.


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Guys, stop it already. This has been a really nice and friendly forum, lets keep it that way. Please.


He could have looked up the answers in seconds and not bothered anyone with his lazy, entitled questions. I’m not sorry.



nothing to see here.


Did you just assume my gender???


Oh goodness gracious, do you REALLY want to open up that can of worms? Let me make this extremely clear for you. I do not care what your pronouns are, how you were born, how you identify, or what your preferences are, because you’re still just a smug little brat trying to antagonize me for calling you out as you acted lazy and entitled, when we both know full well that just a few seconds due diligence on your part would have answered every single one of your queries, instead of wasting others’ time in a pitiful bid for attention. Now go away, and stop trying to stir the pot. Go make music or bother someone else.


Quite easy to wind up you, aren’t you?

Maybe change your username to ‘The Chump’. Bit more appropriate


…says the one with the misspelled name, crying about £650 and not even capable of sussing whether a tool will work for their primitive needs. You’ll be disappointed to learn that the Pyramid doesn’t come with training wheels or a diaper, so maybe it’s not the right one for you, after all. It’s a great tool for clever and creative people who make music, but it won’t do everything for you, so you needn’t bother asking. Stick to Fruity Loops and presets, and you’ll do just fine.


Clever people like you, you mean?


I’m actually using mine to write a track for you right now. If you’d be so kind, just hold your breath, and I’ll let you know when it’s done.


I like your style, Grump.