Encoders loses their original function if

…you assign them to CC’s? Um, why is this?

Edit: Found the solution, i need to press Assign. Pretty sure i’ve never needed to do that before (pre assigning CC’s).
Kind of weird design… why just not let the encoders do what they should do if you enter Pattern mode or Euclidian mode… why would i want to send CC’s in that particular scenario? I noticed it even sent CC’s to my synth when i was on a completely different channel, editing drums… makes little sense.

It makes little sense to you that the mode for sending assigned CCs is toggled with a button called Assign?

Seems to make sense to me and allows more flexibility. I shouldn’t have to be in, or not in, a specific screen to be able to use the encoders for what I assigned them to.

And as long as you hadn’t turned the Assign button on, it should be off by default when entering step mode, which seems to be the way you prefer. So what’s the issue, that you’re able to toggle it on?

Makes sense to me too, it isn’t like the assign button is tucked away, toggle it on or off simply depending on what you want to do, I don’t see any better or easier way to do it?

There are plenty of times when I want to send CC from the encoder whilst in step editing modes, just learn to remember to turn it off when you don’t want it - I get that it can be puzzling at first but now you know how it works you should be fine.

Why would someone would want to use the encoders for CC in e.g Pattern mode, it makes that mode pretty useless (if you can’t use the encoders). Why would it be so vital to also be able to use encoders for CC when in Pattern mode?

I’d probably leave out the toggle completely and let the machine decide that in e.g Pattern mode the encoders are there as its default usage so that you can actually use that mode as intended, directly.

On the other hand i’m a new user, there might be some scenario that i haven’t thought of where it could be useful. Please give examples.