Encoder switch issue (pre June 2022 units)

It determines whether I get a decksaver or not. In this case, I want to be able to play as fast as possible, so no decksaver.

My main problem is usually that I wear the pads themselves out, which either requires recoating the underside of them with conductive paint (which works sometimes, but never long term) or replacing the pads.

This is why I’m extremely pleased with the actual switches under the non-matrix pads of the Hapax. This feels like it’s going to last me a long time.

oh wait they are actual switches?!?!

the ‘clicky’ ones have switches underneath, I believe.

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Ok, I’m having the knob issue. I posted about it here before remembering this thread Step mode observations and questions - #19 by cowboy

I will try to add nuts over the faceplate and see if that helps, even though, intuitively, it feels like that shouldn’t work, because if anything, that would make the knobs less likely to be able to pushed down far enough to trigger the click.

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I can confirm that adding nuts over the top of the faceplate doesn’t solve the encoder click issue. I see the exact same behavior as before. I’m going to try adding some kind of spacer inside each knob at the top of the encoder shaft to see if that helps.


I was able to fix the click issues with a few layers of electrical tape just on the very end of the encoder shafts. No nuts needed.

interesting, as it most certainly fixed it on my end. I did a 6 hour session last night with no encoder mis-clicks after adding the nuts on top.

You may have tightened them more than cowboy thereby raising the top of the pots a bit more above the faceplate then he did :person_shrugging:


If adding a nut works for you, that’s fantastic! However, I wasn’t able to replicate your success here.

My theory about what’s happening is that when the knob is seated at its maximum depth, the 4 internal support structures that grip the encoder shaft which extend to the bottom are now close enough to the threaded metal barrel such that when the knob is pushed to click, the travel is now constrained just enough to prevent the switch from making an electrical connection, even though the part of the switch that gives that physical “click” feedback has engaged.

Adding some kind of spacer to the end of the shaft, like I’ve done here with a few layers of electrical tape cut to size, prevents the knob from seating quite as far down, which seems to give just enough extra room between those support structures and the threaded metal barrel to allow the click to work reliably. However, this is not a long term solution, because the tape may compress or otherwise deteriorate. A better solution would be a hard plastic or metal spacer, or different knobs.

Either way, I’m concerned that adding a nut over the top of the faceplate doesn’t address the real issue, and is somehow solving the problem indirectly, by creating extra stress on the encoders or PCBs to which they’re mounted, which could lead to longer term issues.

But that’s just my $0.02!

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I see, thanks for the explanation cowboy. I just got my hapax in the mail today but wont have a chance to turn it on until later tonight. I thought the problem might have been the knobs bottoming out on the faceplate, but after getting the actual unit in my hands this is obviously not the case, I think you are correct.

Has anyone communicate with Squarp about this encoder/knob problem? What do they say if so? Will next batch have this problem too?

They told me that they’re looking into it and could mail out new knobs if they change in the future. They did acknowledge the issue, which is great.


I had issues but after a while of pressing it, i think mines ok.

I havent got these issues at all so far. Mine was part of the batch that arrived last week, but mine does have an incredibly low serial number.

I spoke too soon. Looks like I’ll be making paper balls tonight lol

Same issue here mainly on the right encoder knob. Tiny blutacks in the caps shall commence. All the left ones were loose in the box when I opened it.

I had one loose in the box. So far so good on clicking but I’m just a few hours in.

Starting with a new project

2nd + Fill = Assign

Assign mode

pushing down on encoders 1-7 brings up a menu

pushing down on encoder 8 nothing happens

just me?