Encoder Resolution/Sensitivity?

Hey all,

So I just bought a faderfox hoping to solve some other problems, but while that’s on its way, I realized I’d never asked this of the community. Is it possible to change the encoder sensitivity at all? On all the synths I’ve used it [Pyramid] with, I typically have to twist the knobs 3-4 full turns to go from 127-0. Ideally, I’d prefer a resolution of one rotation gets that full range.

I might not be searching the manual for the right term. I can’t seem to find anything like this.

If the fader fox has endless encoders it may be something you can set up. If they are fixed they should work as you want without any messing around.

So to be clear: The encoders on the Pyramid are fully locked as far as sensitivity?

Thanks again for answering @Hammerheart

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