Encoder performance

How are everyone’s experiences with the Hermod encoder? I find mine works ok when used slowly but when scrolling quickly the encoder seems less responsive. For example, if I have a step of modulation set to 0 I can change that value to 127 with about 10 slow turns. If I make fast turns it can be 30+. Is this my encoder or do others have similar responses?

I wish Squarp would implement a push & turn for large value increments. I know ‘push-button release’ serves as a click within the UI navigation, but rotation could still be detected during ‘push down’ until ‘release’ is detected. This would then allow for things like fast scrolling and other UI enhancements. Limiting the entire UI so a single knob means that knob needs to work better than it currently does. Currently, push & turn in the Track menu (for example) is super buggy… it moves the cursor, but also initiates menus even though ‘release’ hasn’t been activated.

Sorry, I’m a UI / Interaction designer these are simple things which annoy me :sweat_smile: