Encoder induced live MIDI glitches

Hey there, just got a Hermod a few days ago and I am running into multiple midi related bugs… I’ve scanned a good amount of the most recent posts and I could not find a similar issue so far…

I noticed this one within the first hour with Hermod and its the most annoying by far. Its rendering my setup almost unplayable.

“Encoder induced live MIDI glitches”

In summary: I am using an external clock and sequencer (tested with Ableton, Keystep or BeatStep Pro) to send MIDI into one of Hermods tracks. For this example: Track 1 - Channel 16
“Active track” midi setting is set to “off”

As long as I have Track 1 selected everything is running as expected, but when I use the encoder (in Track mode) to select another track and then go back to Track 1, Hermod will send weird rogue MIDI signals to my output.
This happens with output as CV/Gate (tested with MI-Rings) or MIDI (tested with Model D)

If I quickly fiddle with encoder in Track view, the glitches happen every time the selector passes Track 1.
This all gets much worse when there are effects on the track and I often end up with some sort of “stuck” situation where Hermod keeps sending midi even though the sequencer is off. At this point I have to power cycle.

Deeply frustrating and without a fix I will have to return the module. Bummer

Setup Summary

Testes Clocks:
Ableton - via device port
Keystep - via MIDI port
BeatStep Pro - via Host port

Track 1 :
MIDI-in from Ableton (Ch16),
MIDI-out to Model D or…
CV/Gate to Rings


Track 1 :
MIDI-in from Keystep (Ch16),
MIDI-out to Model D or…
CV/Gate to Rings

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