Encoder caps not working

My Pyramid mk 1 works fine but for some reason encoder number 3’s cap does not push down.

If I remove all the caps all the shafts push down fine.

I’ve removed the back and the board is solid and held properly.

Has anyone else experienced this?

My machine works fine its almost as if the front fascia is too far forward.

The pots are solid with no vertical slack.

Any ideas as too what to do?

Interestingly Ive just added a small star shaped wheat grain in the cap which has fixed the problem.
So it must be the caps.

I wonder if Squarp could send me new caps?

Hi pb21,

You may want to contact Squarp Support and ask them. They can be reached here.

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Pad out the top of the pot shaft with a bit of cardboard, or stuff it down the hole in the knob. This will raise the knob a bit and solve the issue probably.

A big thank you to Squarp who sent me 6 new encoder knobs.

As the device gets older the knobs don’t grab the shaft and so move down little by little thus causing the problem.

I would suggest getting new knobs but you could also put something in the cap and maybe some ptfe tape around the shaft too.

I had a similar experience where one knob had issues. My unit is a bit older than a year and with semi-light duty use. The sliding cap issue occurred while being transported. The odd thing is the knob still felt tight and a fellow forum member suggested inserting an object, a pea or similar other, and that worked like a charm. It prevented the cap from bottoming out.

The Squarp support group has been pretty responsive to customer issues and wish some of other companies would take notice and follow suit.

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