Elektron style "plays free" or pattern gate

anyone familiar with the elektron ocatracks ‘plays free’ or the machinedrum pattern gate knows if there is a similar feature on the pyramid?..

i’d like to trigger patterns (as one shoot or loop) from an internal method or external midi. note that this isn’t mute on/off. with the OT or MD one can play patterns free


Check the PyraMIDI implementation.
Patterns cannot be accessed externally (yet).
But you could set tracks as one shot and trigger them via PyraMIDI.
Track options - > Track run mode -> TRIG

Hope this helps :wink:


woah - can’t wait to try . So this will work only with external midi and triggering sequences?
or could this also be achieved with a (virtual) midi loop? I’d like to sequence the gated tracks with another pyramid track thanks a lot!

This is intended to work with external controllers.
But you could create a MIDI loop (externally) and have Pyramid control itself.

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