Elektron Digitone and Pyramid USB MIDI odd issue (mioXL in the loop)

Okay, so I recently added a mioXL in order to condense MIDI cables flying around my desk, but… the last week has been seeing some weirdness since I migrated the Digitone from using the MIDI ports and using USB.

The Pyramid is powered directly from the mioXL, the mioXL rated to supply 500mA to the pyramid. (Having had other power problems with the blackbox and the Nymphes and the mioXL I learned some hard lessons.)

At any rate, randomly, the Digitone seems to simply stop responding to MIDI messages sent on the USB bus. Last weekend thought I had resolved it by rebooting the mioXL.

But the problem just came back today on a cold boot from the pyramid and the Digitone. The mioXL is usually left on all the time. I rebooted the mioXL… the Digitone (DN) still wouldn’t respond. I rebooted the pyramid. Twice. Worked the second time… but after about 20-30s of playing, the DN barfed again. THIS time, I noticed that the unit appeared frozen: The BPM counter normally hovers +/- .3 BPM with the timing it gets from the Pyramid.

And then it happened again. Now, after rebooting everything, things appear to finally be stable again… but I can only come back to the fact that the only thing that changed last week was moving the DN to USB, and then powering the Pyramid from the mioXL.

Should I be forking the power here or is there a different issue that could be at play? This setup worked for months before I pushed USB-MIDI.

Pyramid will merrily run on MioXL power, assuming MioXL total capacity isn’t exceeded.

I’d check the MioXL routing, ie is the Digitone receiving something it shouldn’t (the defaults send everything everywhere iirc). There’s not much point in guessing, just try normal troubleshooting steps: try reducing the issue to fewest possible devices, see what’s going on in the MIDI monitor of Pyramid etc. How are the clock settings, USB and DIN have separate ones on the Pyramid at least.

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