Effects on single drum-elements

Is there a way to apply effects only to individual drum elements in drum mode, e.g. if I want to apply an arp only to the hihats and not to the whole drum kit?

Since there is currently no consolidate function for effects yet, this would be a workaround! Like a P-Lock for Effect-On/Off or a similar function. Nothing found in the manual about this…

I know this defeats the purpose, but a workaround might be to create a separate drum track for each individual drum you want MIDI effects for? Yes, that means you may take up 8 tracks with individual drums, but I think the effects are per-track, and I don’t think there’s a way to add a midi effect to only one part of a track.

fx are per track, so indeed across all drum elements in drum mode.

you can automate fx patterns using the automat lanes.
(but it’ll still be shared across all drum elements)

You can do the euclidean effect per note, which sets it up nicely for drum tracks

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I would also love to be able to automate volume for a single element of a drum track, but I don’t think it is possible unless I am missing something…

doesn’t each note event, i.e., individual drum hits on a drum Track, have an assignable velocity? at least that’s the way it works on Pyramid.

Yep – but that’s different from what OP is asking. You can assign length and velocity per note, but you can’t assign a MIDI effect or automation to something within a track - only the whole track.

Yes, but what if I want a one bar loop where the hihats slowly get louder over time as it repeats. To do this with individual velocity per note I would have to copy the loop however many times and assign a velocity to all those extra notes etc.

but the way Drum tracks are specifically set up on Hapax (as I understand them, without actually having received mine yet), each instrument occupies a portion of the grid by velocity. so can you enter steps for, say, the hi-hats starting with lowest velocity (0 or near 0) and ramp up with each subsequent step over the course of X bars for a given loop?

Absolutely right.

You could use the “Curves” Algo, and use a ramp to do this for you.


Would drum track per channel FX ever be considered in the future? I have an ISLA S2400 that allows midi automation, but only per channel. Would be amazing for modulating the filter separately on every drum track.