Effects on automation

Just a quick word on this idea that I think would be awesome before someone tells me to fill the contact form for Squarp.

How cool would it be to be able to apply effects to the automation lanes as well.

I would allow to combine drawing curves with randomisation to offset this curves. Not all the effects would make sense but many of them would work really well right away like randomizer, chance, filter, lfo, swing…

I agree on that it would be cool. I had thought of the possibility of holding one automation point and applying a chance parameter to it. Your proposal is even more ambitious (and better for sure).

Technically I suppose it’s challenging, because if interpolation is enabled, you have to compute the next automation point one step before so the interpolation can be applied. If you apply LFO this would mean compute the LFO value in a future point.

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Yes, actually anything to add offset variation to the automation would be great.

A chance parameter would be good as well as math parameter.

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