Effects clip mode or record effects?

Hey there so far loving the hapax. Last night I was using the effects on the hapax for a lead tune. I was playing with uclidean and arpegiator. For the intro I was using a rate of 1/8 and a long gate in the arpegiator for the intro (slower) and then for the verse drop 1/16 rate and small gate. While it’s very cool to play live and tweak the parameters in the uclidean and arpegiator I was whisting
Wishing for the effects to have like a clip state where it you change the clip the state of the effect changes.

How are you using the effects with different clips?? You record them?? Or use another track with different effects settings?? Or just more live tweaking??

you can automate fx parameters … either by recording or by ‘drawing them’ in.

so, you can then have different automation on different clips.

also, I like to use snapshot/undo of temp variations that I want to then revert.
(so live tweaking, but with a return to safe space :slight_smile: )

Hi Luilu,
Remember that you can lock fx parameters to a pattern, so you can e.g. make a copy of your pattern and then make other fx settings. Then change between the patterns.

How can I do this?? Maybe I was missing sommething while reading the manual😸

I think it was “2nd” + pushing the encoder for the parameter you want to lock.