Effect Pedal Sync (Tap Tempo)


I just got a lovely Walrus Julianna pedal for Christmas.
The pedal got a External Tap Tempo Input that I would like to use to sync the chorus LFO to my Pyramid tempo.

I reviewed this post that talk about using ENV OUT to to this: Clock sync to an effect pedal
However, I’m a bit confuse about what the DIN SYNC option mean (SYNC1, SYNC2, SYNC4, etc…).

I try different option but cannot get a steady sync between the Pyramid and the pedal.

Would any one have experience with this?
I looking for insight on what the pedal actually expect and what Pyramid actually send.
Also, what type of cable should be use (TRS vs TS)?

I wonder if this could also be do using METRONE instead of DIN SYNC or even GATE (using a dedicate TRACK).

Additional info: the Julianna manually mentioned using a “normally open source with a latch time of less than 250ms.”
source: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0906/8480/files/Julianna_manual_web.pdf?v=1595445327


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Answering to myself.

Tap Tempo and DIN SYNC are actually 2 very differents beast.
DIN SYNC is basically sending a pulse from the master to the slave.
Tap Tempo is a closed electric circuit, voltage is provide by the pedal itself and change of the circuit is “listen” by the pedal as well. With the Julianna, the circuit is consider as open and when you push on the TAP switch, it basically close the circuit.

The good news is that, according to the Doepfer website (FAQ General), you can create a simple circuit that will convert a GATE signal to a TAP signal.
It is that simple that all the component can fit into a Jack connector.

So technically, I should be able to set a track to send GATE every quarter note and plug the GATE OUT port to the pedal.

Doepfer is actually selling this cable (Doepfer S-Trigger Cable) and I just order one.

I’ll report to this thread once I tested it.

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Final report on this.

I finally got the S-Trigger Cable and this works great!
Using Gate is also way more flexible than a simple tempo sync as you can setup a half tempo or double tempo modifying the track sending gate to the pedal.

I made a short demo video for anyone interested:


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