Editing live notes with step mode

Hi! New Pyramid owner! A few things I can’t wrap my head around is editing live notes using the step mode. When I hit step I have a hard time finding my notes on the screen to edit. When I do find them, I can’t seem to edit the whole note. Instead it grabs just a piece that matches the zoom level. Wondering if There’s a way to auto focus the screen to the notes entered and then a feature that only allows me to edit / move / transpose / etc without actually cutting the note. I want the note I played but just want to move it forwards or backwards to fix the timing for example.

Second. I’m curious if it’s possible to select one portion of a set of bars - have this loop while I edit, then go back to playing the entire set of bars? For instance if I want to work on the 7th bar of a 8 bar measure.

Thank you!


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step mode can be odd at first.

so first when youre in step mode make sure your in mono mode so you don’t edit all notes on that one beat. use the main encoder (if you have def files it will skip the unused notes) to find the note youre trying to edit and now the sequence should only show those notes where you’ve placed them. press and hold a note or collection of notes (or zoom out and hold all the notes) and use the last three encoders to adjust velocity, note length, and nudge. nudge is what your looking for to adjust timing without quantization.

For your second question I don’t think that’s possible however there are a couple ways to effectively achieve that. I would make your 8 bar loop then on another pattern make a one bar loop that is the 7th bar in your 8 bar loop. at any point you can switch from your 1 bar loop to your full loop or program that change in sequence mode.

hope this helps. im sure there will be others with ideas that might work better for you. welcome to the community.

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It’s a bit of a workaround, but between changing Track Length (which is non-destructive, I’m pretty sure) with Zoom & Rotate you can temporarily work with one section of a longer Track of data.

  • Use Zoom to lessen the number of button pushes for subsequence steps, esp if you have a really long Track
  • Use Rotate to move the beginning of what you want to Loop to “1”
  • Use Track Length to make the Length you want
  • Do your edits
  • Reverse the steps to put it back

Now, there’s something wonky if you edit the Track Length and THEN Rotate, because it does a fun thing that only Rotates the data available in the Length, so when you put it back, stuff gets out of order. To me this is exciting, because it’s a Pyramid-specific (well, to me it’s specific to the Pyramid - I don’t have enough experience to state otherwise) quirk that has allowed me to increase variance, but that’s for other rambling.

Sorry if this is confusing.
I can try to make it clearer later if you have difficulty.
I’m hopped up on (non-opioid) pain killers and caffeine deficiency.

Salient Manual Items (Track Length, Zoom, & Rotate)


Sorry, I’m a big picture person and I realise I didn’t put that explanation in.

Basically you move the Event you want to be the Start of your Loop to the “1”, and then change the Track Length (non-destructively) to focus on how much you want to Loop.

Hi Thanks all for the comments. I’ll test some of this out tonight. CPants and Greyscale, I think I see what you’re saying, nodestructively slide the track to where I need it to be, change the track length, edit, then slide it back. This could work for me! Thank you!

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