Easiest way to produce a Tremolo using Pyramid

I am wondering what would be the easiest (and best) way to program Pyramid in order to produce a tremolo on a connected synthesizer.

Apparently it is usually far easier to produce a vibrato than a tremolo. Even when the synth is on its own (without a sequencer) I found it hard to program a tremolo (for ex. with a LFO controlling the VCA) and even then, results were not very satisfying in my experience.
So I was wondering if Pyramid (or its FX) would allows to do tremolo on a synth.

Of course I could get this below, but if I could do this with Pyramid, I’d rather save the 300€ the Super Pulsar costs:

Thanks !!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Generating an LFO on CC 7 (volume) should achieve this.

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Thanks !
I will try the LFO generator in FX, and assign it to CC7.
So if I want to set the LFO so that it goes from VCA gain=0 to VCA gain=1, meaning from CC7=0 to CC7=127, then I should set the range to 63, right ?

What would happen if I set the range to >63 ? the manual says it will “saturate”, what does that saturation entail ?

id expect it to clip… so if you have a sine lfo, it would get a flat top, and bottom

if you want just 0 and 1, use a square wave.

tip: hitting DISP will show LFO

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Well, unfortunately the synth I am using does not implement CC7 … and for that matter there is no “VCA volume” in its MIDI implementation.

It does have CCs for OSC1, OSC2, OSC3 levels. So I tried on Pyramid to modulate each OSC with a LFO … so 3 FX using each one a LFO assigned to modulate the OSC level. Result: I could hear some “tremolo” sounding, but it wasn’t “clean”, a bit fuzzy, maybe some phase problem.

I’ll check my Zoom MS70CDR, it got 3-4 different tremolos in the list.

Otherwise, I’ll have to bite the bullet and get a Super Pulsar (which by the way could be sync’d to Pyramid through CV).

Thanks again.

What synth is it? I’d be very surprised if it didn’t have some kind of amp modulation capability…outside of oscillator mixing.

Also, you can combine LFOs on the Pyramid. This might help you get a more natural sounding tremolo mod curve. Try like a ramp and a sine with a bit of phase for something more sidechainy/pumping. Square and a sine will give you subtle curves and a flatter top for a little bit of choppiness.


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