Drones perfected

Been diving into the Pyramid for 3 days now and really starting to learn the workflow and all the shortcuts, etc.

I did a bit of searching here for how to setup the Pyramid to sequence a drone and found some decent ideas about things, but those threads are quite old (2017-ish) and I have since found the (for me) perfect way to setup a drone using the Pyramid. I am posting this so anyone that might be searching for this would find it since the updates to the firmware as of today (March 2021).

BTW, “drone” in my case means starting a sound on a synth and keeping that going until some time in the future, either triggered by a sequence or manually.

What I do is create a track for starting a particular drone and set the track length to 1/4 of a bar. I create my notes in the step view to what I want, with the note length set to 1 bar (4/16ths).

Then I create CC automation for CC #64 (Sustain pedal). The first 16th note I set CC #64 to 0. This stops any previous drone on that channel. Then, the 2nd 16th node I set CC #64 to 64. This enables the sustain pedal again.

Finally, I set the track “play” parameter to play once. This plays the track through and then mutes the track.

You can also use patterns to have different drones for the same track. I also create a track that has no notes, but only CC automation that sets CC #64 to zero, just as a “stop all drones” kind of track, also set to play once, then mute.

Hope this helps someone looking for similar information!


Thanks for detailing this!


thanks i will try this method out. jus use to drone on the euro rack not tryed it in midi yet.

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