Downgrade the OS?

Thought I’d try out the new Beta OS and not a fan right now. I tend to wait at least 6 months after the release of an OS before installing, but I got excited. Live & learn.

Hey - Can I downgrade the OS back to the original?
I’m searching the forum and not finding anything on it.

(Truth be told, a little foggy due to frustration, so…eh?)


Typically I back everything up and mark it in a folder with the OS version before I update, but I do this a lot.
I’ve been messing around with the beta and learning, but then when it’s time to get to work I revert back to my backup folder.

So I would back what you have up now and call it “Frustrating Beta” or whatever, and then just drop the OS version you want to return to onto the root of the SD card (replacing the beta os) and then start up with the encoder held down and the Pyramid should flash the OS onto the CPU and you’re good to go!

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Yeah. Thanks.
Not sure where to find the old OS .bin file.

Duh@me: found it.

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