Doubling of notes in Arpeggiator

Having a strange situation here. I’m feeding Hermod a chord from my Digitone and have the Arpeggiator effect set up on the Hermod. When I play the chord the notes are doubled (C, C, E, E, G, G etc.) but when I play back the sequence they are not doubled (C, E, G etc.)

I’ve checked for Midi loops but I don’t seem to find any - the DN is the only device sending Midi to the Hermod and there’s no Midi Thru on inside the Hermod. There aren’t really any more settings on the Hermod that could affect this.

Is this a known bug or is something just not set up correctly? I have to say, I’ve not noticed it before…


I might add - the non doubling of notes is what should be heard when auditioning (not the doubled notes).


Hey I realise this is NECROTHREADING but did you solve this issue Mr Kid?

Sorry, I don’t remember anymore.