Double trigger, Hermod to uRings

I am triggering the uRings (TallDog) fr Hermod and I get this double trigger all the time. Any ideas anyone? Thanks.

I couldn’t reproduce on my MI Rings
( and not noticed it before)

Perhaps share some details of the rings setup and I can see if I can reproduce?
Does it do it on a single trig, or just when there are rapid trigs or some other sequence?
In particular does it do it if you hold pitch steady?

Does it only happen with Hermod? Or also with other modules ( eg slow lfo/clock?)

If you have a scope we could compare Hermod trig outputs?

I think it’s my limited knowledge about rings:) It happens when I use IN but not on STRUM. When I trig a gate fr another clock it’s clean. It happens on slow and fast. Have no scope currently. Maybe I can see the waveform in my ER-301.

What are you sending into IN?

The IN excites the resonator, it’s doesn’t ‘trigger’ it eg you can also put a sustained it.
But I guess from your description your sending in a noise burst or similar.

Hopefully all you need to do is play with your input signal a bit …

That said not really sure how any of this tied back to the Hermod ?!

you wouldn’t normally send in ‘gate’ cv to in, ( this is what strum is for) Doing so would likely cause a double trig … as it’s a bit long for an excitation signal , and the 1 to 0 transition also create energy

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You are right, it has nothing to do with Hermod… It’s me:)

This is what I came up with when I managed to do it right:

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