Double clicking of encoders

I have an issue with most of my encoders where they tend to give a double input when I click them. This happens alot when naming tracks for instance where I see double letters come in a lot of times. It also messes with a lot of menu functions, instantly loading projects or effects when i click the encoders. This is starting to be quite annoying and I as wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

To be fair if this is a thing a simple solution would be to just add a simple delay between encoder presses so that this just is impossible to happen. I can’t see a reason to spam the encoders so some ms of delay time between presses won’t hurt nobody.

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I’m seeing this too, it’s mostly been problem for me with the main encoder.

I was in talks with Squarp about it last year, there is an ‘anti bounce’ feature in the code for encoders,
and it was tested in betas but couldn’t get rid of this bug unfortunately back then.
I thought it was just my unit.
I hope the anti bounce thing could be revisited and refined to work around this bug, if more people are affected by this.

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Yea I feel like its mostly the main encoder aswell but that might be because its used the most frequently. Its been like this ever since I bought it. Anti bounce seems like a good solution, anything that helps really. :sweat_smile: