Does Pyramid fit my use case?

I’m trying to get into music making, mostly to do chippy video game soundtrack stuff. I don’t use hardware, just Logic Pro and a few soft synths, but I find that doing everything with the trackpad becomes pretty tedious after a while.

I’m looking for an inspiring and somewhat immediate hardware interface to help me come up with new ideas, and I wonder if the Pyramid might be a good fit. I’m not a trained musician (outside of some guitar), so the Pyramid’s scale modes and harmonizing features are very appealing. The Euclidean parts look great. Mostly I just want something that’s fun to use.

A couple of other notes: I do have other midi keyboards, and I have no interest in playing live.

I think so - if you’re not a musician these features can help someone like you: euclidean mode, random, chance mode, polymeric and polyrhythms, also they have chord mode.