Does HAPAX ship to Australia with correct power supply unit (PSU)?

Hey Squarpmeisters,

Just trying to find out whether HAPAX ships to Australia with the correct power supply, or do I need to get another one here - or an adapter?

@DanJamesAUS I noticed you already got yours - did it come with the right PSU?

Any help would be appreciated!!

My hapax shipped to the U.S. with these plus the U.S. standard plug

Thanks for going the extra mile for the photo @TheCop - really appreciate it.
The plug on the right hand side is for Australia (yey!), and the middle one is for the UK (just in case anyone needs to know).

As an aside - when did you order your Hapax @TheCop ? Was it recently?
I’m also trying to work out if Squarp have any in stock at the mo’?

I think mine shipped in November so recently. I’m pretty sure they are ready to ship!

Sweet - thanks for the heads up @TheCop

No problem good luck!


Yes, mine shipped to Melbourne with Aussie psu

Perfect - thanks @Leighzi88 !!
Good to know.

Just ordered a Hapax!

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