Din sync error?

Is anyone else having weird Din Sync timing?

I have Din Sync on (Sync 24) and set to 1/96
Connecting midi port C to either my TR-808 or my TR-606 and a 16 Step pattern doesn’t sync properly. It’s something like 17 steps to Hapax’s 1 bar.

I can adjust it using the time elasticity function until it’s pretty close, but this still doesn’t seem right.

Can someone else confirm this, or share how they are getting different results with Din Sync output?

Yeah, you’re right. Just tried it on my 606. It’s in time, but out of sync.

Using MIDI out C into Dinsync input. Tried disabling any MIDI coming out of that port (I haven’t used it yet) but doesn’t seem to make any timing difference at all. Recommend raising a bug request on the contact form.

EDIT Ha - just spotted who you are - you (or rather the MMT-8 video you did years back) is where I found out about the Pyramid and why I am here now. So thanks so much for that.


@Loz I’ve communicated with the team. I trust them, and admire them very much.
I was just wondering if maybe I had to take my 808 apart again or not. I’m glad it’s not just me.

Confirmed this here too. Using clock out of Gate 4 Out is same … if I use 1/96th for the clock at 118bpm, the devices on the other side (ERM Multiclock, Pam’s) both see 105bpm. I’ll log at site too

Thank you @pzoot
I’m in conversation with support and they have identified this issue and are working on a fix.
A couple other things I discovered too.

Help is on the way!