Different Euclidean per drum lane

Hi y’all,

Trying to figure this out, but its not spelled out in the Manual as far as I can tell, and I can’t find an answer here (though I found evidence that it’s possible, so excuse my ignorance).

How do I set up a different Euclidean pattern per drum lane in Drum mode?

It only lets me choose one of the instruments, so I’m assuming that this means that I set up a new euclid “instance” in the effects but assign it to a different instrument, if I want it on multiple instruments? If I wanted to use it on all my drum lanes, I’d burn through all my effects slots pretty fast, but not really a big deal.
Just wondering if that is the way, or if I’m missing a less effects slot-heavy way to do it.


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this is exactly it

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Thanks! I kinda figured, but wanted to make sure there wasn’t some other way I was missing.

I had this same confusion when I first used the Euclidean function with drums. It would be nice to have a simpler Euclidean option that applies to the whole 8 lanes at once rather than having to set per instrument. Separately, really hope there will be a second page of drum lanes (total of 16) one day - my >8 instrument drum machines like tanzbar would rejoice :slight_smile: