Different clock per track: any solutions lately?

Hi All, a very quick question to get confirmation that - still today - there is no way in Hermod to use different clocks per track, and in particular multipliers such as x2 or /2 of the main clock, whether external or internal. I am used to Pamela’s New Workout and it seemed obvious that Hermod would have had something along those lines. It doesn’t, right? :frowning:

Alternatively, is there a “shortcut” or “macro” similar to Hermod’s randomizer, that edits sequences to achieve the same?

… and yes, I am adding this to the feature requests contact form :grinning:


All tracks are linked to same clock , no divider

If you are programming then you can use different zoom levels - that’s kind of similar.

Randomize not sure what you mean - but cv d can be set to randomize a track.

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Thanks. Do you know if this is a design choice - something that will not change - or just a limitation of hardware or the current software? Just to have an idea if there is any hope future firmware will change that.

The randomizer-like idea is also very good at this point.

obviously it’s the current design, impossible to say how embedded it is in the code base without seeing the code :slight_smile:

Shoot a feature request to squarp, they are the only ones that can say if it’s feasible or not. Anything else is pure speculation :slight_smile:


Haha ok, you are so present in this forum that I believed you worked for Squarp :smile:

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nah, just happy to help others to enjoy the hermod as much as I do :slight_smile:

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