Deleting Projects ? ....not possible on the Hapax itself?

the title says it all.

i want to delet my early projects !
on the Hapax please. / where ?

i´d guess its not doable right now, is that correct, or do i miss something ?

nope, not as far as I can tell… send an FR to Squarp
(though I suspect many of this features that were on the Pyramid may be planned for Hapax at some point)

for now, I pop out the sdcard when ever I want to ‘reorganise things’


oh yeah, i just did…just to re-recognise that all my card readers do NOT work with the SD cards and my computer.

( no new problem here / all other units i have, i use micro SD, or i´ve installed micro SD with adapters / …so, loong time no see :laughing: ( my card readers) )

Thanky You !