Delete cc data... how to?

I have searched, but I cannot find the answer. How do I delete cc data in a Pyramid paettern? Leaving the notes intact. I currently copy the notes into a new pattern, but there might be a simpler way?

One other thing, with my Nord Drum 3p… gettting a lock up where I’m unable to change drum kits on the ND3p. Midi loop? I’ve tried all midi echo settings, but no joy. I have midi in coming via a dual midi in box to the Pyramid from the ND3P, and back via midi out B. Mostly it works. But there’s this frequent/occasional hang on patch selection, cured by restarting the ND3p.

Thanks for any tips.

I think this is a big omission from SQUARP.
You cant delete or copy/paste all CC. Tou have to do it one by one.
Alternatively you can copy a track and delete all notes.
I dont like this!

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Go to CC STEP mode. Hold TRACK + ZOOM and use the pads or main encoder to zoom out as much as possible. Now you can use the pads to easily delete the data. Zoom back in. Not perfect, but it works and is fast.


Two useful shortcuts

  • 2nd + delete , clears page
  • pressing step, take you to next cc with data

Combined, if you zoom out, it’s really quick to delete all (or selected) cc data