Delete all patterns / sections?

Is it possible?

Or do I just need to save a template project? :upside_down_face:

I know this could be a dangerous thing to make a shortcut for, but there is undo!

To quickly delete everything in a track, you can use DELETE + TRACK.
However there is no shortcut to delete sections / song, this is currently only available in the context menu.

How about DELETE + ROW? Is that a thing? Because that’d be great! (I haven’t checked yet)

Delete + Pattern triggers a pattern reset → all midi notes and automation data of one pattern will be erased.

Delete + Track triggers a track reset → a pattern reset of all patterns of a track and deletes ASSIGN assignments and effects.

In both cases, PC commands entered via 2nd + Track remain.
(So the deleted pattern buttons are still yellow.)

My trick to delete everything except the port assignments and track names:

→ copy an empty pattern,
→ hold down “paste” and swipe over all the patterns you want to erase.
Edit: deleting also ASSIGN assignments and effects needs also a track reset
→ hold “delete” and swipe over all track buttons.

This may sound cumbersome, but it’s quick and easy.
If you really want to delete all track information, it is best to load an empty project.

Greetings, Michael


hold down paste and swipe over all the patterns you want to erase.

This is a super cool tip! Thanks!

And it’s even fun. :partying_face: