Delay Effect Causing Note Skips?

Hello, I received my pyramid about a week ago and have absolutely fallen in love with working with this machine. But recently I’ve found a strange issue of sorts with the midi delay effect. I’ve noticed that if I have a track with the midi delay effect enabled, and I also have a track sequencing my TR-707, it will cause my 707 to randomly skip notes, even though the 707 isn’t receiving any effects whatsoever and is on a different midi channel. I’m positive this has to do with the delay effect, because when I turn the effect off, or mute the track it’s on, the 707 goes back to playing all the notes sequenced, and other midi effects don’t cause this to happen, it only seems to happen with the delay. Has anyone else encountered this issue? I’m having a hard time figuring out a solution, so if anyone has any advice as to how to fix this I’d be eternally grateful, because as of now I have to just not use the delay effect if I’m going to be sequencing my 707. Thanks!

Tr707 is 10 note polyphony, right? Im not directly familiar with that unit but…
The Pyramid MIDI delay is not an audio delay - so each delayed note increases the number of voices used by the device. Perhaps you are experiencing note stealing/hitting the polyphony cap.

Either that or the TR707 reponds differently to retiggered MIDI notes., but my first thought is running out of available voices.

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Aren’t the midi effects per track, though? My Tr707 track isn’t receiving any midi effects, so I’m confused as to why a delay enabled on another track on a different midi channel would cause the 707 to start skipping steps. Perhaps the delay is being enabled globally? Because I can’t think of any other reason why a delay on a different track would cause the 707 to reach it’s voice limit, when the 707 isn’t receiving any effects.

Oops. My bad. Apologies: I didn’t fully read your OP properly (did it from the cell phone).

So if I understand correctly:
Track x = Destination TR707
Track y = Destination Other stuff

When adding the MIDI Effect: Delay to Track y, then the unit receiving on Track x tends to ‘skip notes’, yes?

If so, the only thing I can think of is something I used to run into in the old days if Track x and y are on the same MIDI Port. Older equipment (for me at least) used to barf when it’d get too much MIDI data, even if that data was destined for a channel OTHER than the one it was supposed to be listening to.

I’d suggest testing:
Put Track x out from MIDI Port A and Track y out from MIDI Port B where the only data heading out Port A is destined for the TR707. If you cannot dupe the issue, perhaps the TR707 is getting overloaded with data when the delay is used (doubling or more of note data) even tho it is destined for a different Channel.

Like I said, this was an issue for me back in the 80s & 90s and the solution was using a Router & filtering the data (each unit would only receive the data it’s supposed to do something with).